Phebe Gorham 1775

full stone tympanum

In Memory of
Mrs PHEBE GORHAM Consort of
Capt STURGIS GORHAM & Daughter of
Capt William Taylor who died
NOV'r 7th 1775 in the 32d Year of her Age

She lived a dutiful Child, a Virtuous Wife, a tender
Parent, a faithful Friend, a pious Christian and died
In chearful hope of everlasting Bliss

"Henceforth my Soul in sweetest Union join
The two supports of human happiness,
Which some erroneous think can never meet,
True Taste of Life, and constant thought of

The gravestone is carved in the style of William Codner of Boston. The photo on the left taken about 1982 is from the Farber Gravestone Collection owned by the American Antiquarian Society. The tympanum photo on the right was taken in 2000.

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