Susanna Hinckley 1790

full stone - 1982 tympanum - 2000

Arise the Dead

Here lies the mortal part of
Dau'r of Capt SAMUEL &
who departed this Life
Sep't 26th 1790
Aged 27 Years
5 months &
23 Days

The gravestone displays a trumpeting angel with the message 'Arise the Dead'. It is carved in the style of the Lamson carvers of Boston. Samuel Hinckley (1804), father of Susanna, has a very similar gravestone. It has been reported that Samuel's gravestone was carved by Nathaniel Holmes of Barnstable who copied Susanna's Lamson stone. The left photo taken about 1982 is from the Farber Gravestone Collection owned by the American Antiquarian Society. The right photo was taken in 2000.

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